Camp Hillard Week 7 Highlighted by Tie Dying and Green and White Spirit Week

Week 7 was another fun and exciting week at Camp, highlighted by a variety of fun events. Campers continue to put their talents on display, showcasing their singing, dancing, boxball, basketball, break dancing, beat-box, piano, and “armpit-tooting” skills in talent show performances worthy of America’s Got Talent.

Week 7 was highlighted by an incredible week of Tie Dying at Nature. Campers chose from a array of designs, using mostly their Camp Hillard T’s but sometimes bringing in another favorite T.  Shirts will be sent home next week, all initially washed, dried, organized, labeled, folded and bagged by Kathleen and her team with follow up instructions for parents included in the bag.

Green and White Spirit Week Opening Ceremonies took place on Monday morning.  Campers and counselors filed onto the Main Field, all of them broken out into Green and White Teams, to witness the raising of the Green and White flags as Jon Libman declared, “Let the games begin!”  Green and White counselor representatives from every tribe participated in a spirited relay on the Main Field that included giant, inflatable ponies, a football throw, and soccer shoot outs.  It was a great way to kick off this very exciting week of friendly Green and White competitions.

Competitions continued in earnest throughout the entire week; groups came together and broke out into their respective Green and White Teams for a variety of events, including mini-golf and tennis tournaments, water polo matches at the Pool, as well as intense Baseball, Basketball and Soccer tournaments.

Campers continued to work on their American Red Cross swimming skills and are making great progress.  In addition to our regular swim program, Junior Campers participated in Green and White Swim Fun, complete with Medal Hunts, swim races and “silly’ jumps!

On Friday afternoon, the CIT’s took a short jaunt down to the Candlelight Inn for the Annual CIT Luncheon.  CIT’s or Counselors in Training, are the eldest campers at Hillard; all are rising 7th-10th graders who work side by side with General Staff in Group or Specialty Assignments. As a special thank you for all of their hard work, they were treated to a lunch that included the Candlelight Inn’s World-famous chicken wings, a messy and thoroughly delicious reward for a successful summer!

On Friday afternoon, the entire Camp assembled on the Main Field once again for the Closing Ceremonies.  Every member of the Leadership Team  and counselor Referees from their respective divisions participated in a thrilling Rock, Paper, Scissors Exhibition.  Paige Weiss, the overall Winner from the Leadership Team then faced off against Sam Glaser, who had won the first RPS Tournament during the Final Event of Counselor Orientation.  After a fast and furious Best Of 9, Weiss came out on top and was crowned the 2019 Hillard Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion!  A hush immediately fell over the crowd as the Final Green and White score was revealed.  The White Team was declared victorious, with 1,737 points!  Regardless of the point totals, every camper was filled with a sense of Camp Spirit, pride, and accomplishment for their intense participation, great sportsmanship and Green and White pride!

The eighth and final week of Camp is sure to be an exceptional five days of fun. The Big Show is on tap for Monday evening; the Apache and Iroquois Boys and Girls are ready to cut loose in their tribute to American Bandstand.  Final rehearsals have been in full gear, and the show is sure to be a fantastic one.

Wednesday is Camp Hillard’s 91st Birthday Celebration, as well The Special Camp Show; campers are gearing up to take the stage to perform some of the most notable songs from their Visiting Day performances. The counselors have been furiously preparing for the Annual Counselor Talent Show on Thursday, which is sure to be a lot of fun. Friday, the long awaited Hillard Carnival will commence. It’s also our final Tribal Color Day, an All Camp Picnic, and Moving Up Day for all the campers as they step into the shoes of their future tribe; Pawnees to Chickasaws, Hurons to Cheyennes, and so forth!  It is sure to be an exciting and memorable week.