Camp Hillard Week 7 highlighted by Favorite School and Sports Team Day and Sports League playoffs

Week 7 was another fun and exciting week at Camp, highlighted by a variety of fun events. Campers continue to put their talents on display, showcasing their singing, dancing, boxball, basketball, break dancing, beat-box, piano, and “armpit-tooting” skills in performances worthy of America’s Got Talent.

Campers continue to work on their American Red Cross swimming skills and are making great progress.  In addition to our regular swim program, all campers got to have some extra special fun at the pools; Junior Campers were transported to Hawaii for an Aquatic Luau Wednesday, complete with inflatable Limbo sticks, palm trees and Tiki torches. Middle and Senior campers took to the diving board for their Crazy Dive contests on Thursday.  Cheyennes and older showed off their formidable diving skills, spinning and twisting and cannonballing and bellyflopping into the pool!  Their counselors also participated in this highly anticipated event, jumping into the pools while being cheered on and splashed by their campers!

Thursday was Favorite School/Sports Team Day!  Campers and counselors sported t-shirts, jerseys, hats and headbands representing their favorite school, from Quaker Ridge  and Brearley, to Hackley and Stepinac, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Duke and more; or their favorite sports team, be it Yankees, Giants, Red Sox or Red Bulls!  In some cases, campers combined the two, wearing garb that represented their Favorite School’s Sports Team; Mamaroneck Tigers, Scarsdale Raiders, Wisconsin Badgers, Duke Blue Devils, Florida State Gators, just to name a few.  It was great to see such an expression of spirit all throughout camp!

Sports Leagues are entering into their Playoff and Championship rounds.  Wednesday saw several nail-biters of Sports League championship games for the Cherokee Boys, with the All-Star Underdogs, Green Gators, Space Jam, and Hall-of-Famers placing first, second, third, and fourth respectively in their Division 1 Championship Games and the Legends and Green Goblins placing first and second in their Division Two Championships.

The Comanche Boys concluded their Sports Leagues on Friday; this year the boys competed in two divisions, La Liga and Serie AThe Fireballs took home the crown in La Liga and The Thunderbirds earned the championship in Serie A.  Congratulations to the champions and all of the campers who participated and gave it their all during this year’s Sports League season.  The results of the Cheyenne Boys and Cheyenne Girls Sports League Finals are still being calculated; the winner will be announced next week!  Senior Camp Challenge will conclude next week; the race between the Green and Gray teams is still too close to call, so the Closing Ceremonies are sure to be more exciting and action-packed than ever!

The eighth and final week of Camp is sure to be an exceptional four days of fun. The Big Show is on tap for Monday evening; the Apache and Iroquois Boys and Girls and are ready to cut loose in their production of Footloose.  Final rehearsals have been in full gear, and the show is sure to be a fantastic one.

Tuesday, the long awaited Hillard Carnival will commence. It’s also our final Tribal Color Day and an All Camp Picnic. The counselors have been furiously preparing for the Annual Counselor Talent Show on Wednesday, which is sure to be a lot of fun.  The Special Camp Show and Charity Presentation are on Thursday; campers are gearing up to take the stage to perform some of the most notable songs from their Visiting Day performances.  On Thursday, we will also have a Moving Up ceremony for all the campers as they step into the shoes of their future tribe; Pawnees to Chickasaws, Hurons to Cheyennes, and so forth!  It is sure to be an exciting and memorable week.

For more details specific to your child’s group, please read our Weekly Tribal Newsletters which are found in the Enrolled Camp Families section of our website.