Camp Hillard’s 88th Summer is Underway!

Camp Hillard’s 88th Summer Season kicked off on Monday, June 27th.  After a long, cold winter, campers and counselors and parents were thrilled that Opening Day was finally upon us!

On Opening Day, campers and counselors got to know one another.  As groups got off the bus, they were brought to their respective Tribal meeting areas where camper and counselor introductions were made. Tribes got to know each other’s names by playing all different types of Getting To Know You games. After putting things away in our bunks, we had a great first day of activities including our first swim.  Camp Hillard’s famous pizza was on the menu for all campers, and the end of day refreshment, a Twin-Pop, was truly delicious!

The rest of Week 1 was also highlighted by:

  • Campers being assigned to their swim instruction groups.
  • Exciting sports instruction and games.
  • Many groups had their first arts and/or other specialty activities.
  • Tuesday was our first Tribal Color Day.  Camp was awash in a sea of colors as campers and counselors alike were decked out in their special colored t-shirt.
  • Our Independence Day celebration on Friday was highlighted by an exciting Independence Day parade, an all-camp cookout, special refreshments, a visit from the Fire Department, and other special activities throughout the day.

Next week will be another fun filled week of excitement.  In addition to all the fun of the regular schedule, we will also have the following special events:

  • The Junior Camp Lollipop Hunt will take place on Tuesday, as will the Senior Camp Challenge Opening Ceremonies for Cherokees and INAs.
  • The Middle and Senior Camp Lollipop Scavenger Hunt takes place on Tuesday.
  • 2nd Year Campers will receive their Camp Hillard banners on Tuesday, and our 3rd and 4th Year Campers will receive their special T-shirts on Wednesday.
  • Thursday is our Camp Pictures day.  All groups will have their group picture taken.  We ask that all campers wear their white Camp Hillard T with the green logo.
  • Some tribes are also scheduled for their Marshmallow Roasts.
  • On Thursday, the Apache and Iroquois Boys and Girls and the CIT’s will visit Playland Amusement Park in Rye.

We hope everyone has a safe, healthy, happy, festive 4th of July Holiday!  We can’t wait to see everyone on Tuesday!