Camp Hillard Week 2 Highlighted by the Lollipop Hunt and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Year Camper Gifts

The second week of Camp was just great!  After a patriotic Four Day Weekend in honor of Independence Day, campers and counselors were anxious to get back into the Camp routine!

On Wednesday, we had our annual lollipop hunt, divided by Division.  Over the long holiday weekend, fireworks went off above the Upper Field, dropping lollipop seeds everywhere.  When we arrived on Wednesday morning, campers discovered that lollipops had sprouted and we needed to collect them so we could play ball again! Freshly picked lollipops always taste the best!!!!   Campers collected and sorted the lollipops into colors, receiving points for the most pops collected.  Congratulations to the Cheyenne B boys, Cheyenne A girls, Comanche C  boys, Comanche A girls, Cherokee A boys, Cherokee A girls, Iroquois Girls and Navajo Boys for being the best lollipop pickers in camp.  As a reward they will each receive a super yummy S’mores Roast!!!!

On Wednesday, July 5th, all our 2nd year campers received the traditional Camp Hillard banner, and on Thursday, July 6th,   3rd and 4th year campers received their specially designed and highly coveted t-shirts!  Camp Picture Day also took place on Thursday; campers and counselors sported the traditional white Camp Hillard shirt and their best and brightest smile for their Group Pictures.  The Apache, Iroquois and CIT boys and girls embarked on a fun-filled trip to Playland on Thursday, July 7th, where they enjoyed various rides and attractions and games of skill of chance.  The overcast, drizzly weather was actually a hit rather than a hindrance; smaller crowds, shorter lines, more fun!

On Friday we continued our summer tradition of Music at the Pools during the afternoon free swims. Marshmallow Roasts continued with the INA boys and the Chickasaw and Huron girls this past Wednesday.  It was a very messy, but delicious affair.  The Chickasaws followed suit on Thursday and they really showed us how to really get messy!!!!!

It has been an amazing first two weeks of camp fun, but we still have lots of special events to look forward to. On Monday, the Navajo and Apache Boys and Girls are travelling to Powerhouse Studios where they will participate in a Wacky and Wild Game Show; 5th year campers can get psyched for their Ice Cream Party on Tuesday; the boats are out of dry dock and are being shined and polished for Junior Camp Boat Rides and Middle and Senior Camp Boat Races; preparations are already in high gear for our Festival of Fun and our second Tribal Color Day on Wednesday; the Cherokee boys are gearing up for their Visiting Evening on Wednesday; and 6th year and more campers will enjoy a bountiful breakfast buffet and a special gift on Thursday!  All of this in addition to more marshmallow roasts, ice cream parties and more….Phewww!  What an exciting week coming up!

See you Monday!!