Camp Hillard Week 2 Highlighted by Lollipop Hunt and July 4th Celebration

The second week of Camp was just great!  On Monday, we had our annual lollipop hunt, divided by Division.  Over the weekend, fireworks went off above the Upper Field, dropping lollipop seeds everywhere.  When we arrived on Monday morning, campers discovered that lollipops had sprouted and we needed to collect them so we could play ball again! Freshly picked lollipops always taste the best!!!!   Campers collected and sorted the lollipops into colors, receiving points for the most pops collected. Congratulations to the Cheyenne A boys, Cheyenne Bgirls, Comanche B boys, Comanche A girls, Iroquois Girls and Apache-Iroquois boys for being the best lollipop pickers in camp.  As a reward they will each receive a super yummy S’mores Roast!!!!

On Wednesday, July 3rd, we celebrated Independence Day, Camp Hillard Style!  We had a Patriotic Parade of famous Americans, led by Uncle Sam on a tractor, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and the Statue of Liberty, Pocahontas, and a wide array of athletes, celebrities and American Icons proudly marching down the road to the Main Field.  We all stood proudly as the National Anthem was played and the members of the Greenville Fire Department stood silently in Salute of our Grand Old Flag. The Theater Staff got kept the Independence Day spirit going, leading an All Camp Singalong of patriotic part tunes that included This Land Is Your Land and Yankee Doodle Dandy.  

Everyone enjoyed an Independence Day All Camp Cookout featuring Hillard Dogs, assorted fresh veggies, mixed green salad, Apple Juice and Lemonade and Watermelon for dessert!  We ended the day with a patriotic red, white and blue Firecracker Junior Iced Pop for refreshments .

Speaking of food, the Hillard Menu is varied and delicious, offering a wide variety of tasty, well-balanced meals; hearty baked ziti with cheese, chicken nuggets with roasted potatoes, Mexi-Beef tacos with salsa, cheese and sour cream. And of course their is always a variety of healthy side dishes and desserts daily.  Mixed green salad, tasty carrots and crispy celery, sliced cucumber and tomato salad, green beans and chick peas, Hillard’s Homemade Hummus, sesame free, but creamy and delicious! And there is always tasty fresh fruit like orange and apple slices, watermelon and fruit salad for dessert!

Sports League Teams have been formed, and inter-tribal games have begun, campers have all been assigned to Instructional Swim Groups.  Wacky Friday featured some exciting Tribal Activities like Capture the Flag, Breakfast for Lunch and our summer tradition of Music at the Pools during the afternoon free swims.  Campers and Counselors also sported their Favorite Socks as part of this Wonderful Wacky Day.

It has been an amazing first two weeks of camp fun, but we still have lots of special events to look forward to. Monday is Crazy Hat and Hair Day; the Apache, Iroquois and CIT Boys and Girls can get psyched for their trip to Playland on Tuesday; Tuesday is also Camp Picture Day: campers and counselors should wear the Traditional White Hillard t-shirt with the green logo; preparations are already in high gear for our Festival of Fun and our second Tribal Color Day on Wednesday; the Cherokee boys are gearing up for their Visiting Evening on Wednesday; 5th Year Campers will celebrate with Carvel Ice Cream Cake and punch on Thursday; and 6th year and more campers will enjoy a bountiful breakfast buffet and a special gift on Friday!  All of this in addition to more marshmallow roasts, ice cream parties and more….Phewww! What an exciting week coming up!